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Thank You For Your Purchase!! But Wait! I’ve Got A Very Special Offer You Need To See
To Guarantee Your Success Before You Continue ...

If You’re Busy, Lazy Or Just Want A ‘Shortcut’ To Start Earning Online As Fast As Possible....

“Have ME Be Your “Keyword Research Slave”
I'll Dig Up & Deliver To You On A Silver Platter
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Dear New Customer,

I’ll make this quick because I know you want to get started and make money as soon as possible!

This offer doesn’t need a lot of explanation because I think you’ll realize the value of it right away.

I should also tell you that this page will only be shown to you once. So you need to read it very carefully before you leave.

What you’re going to be able to get your hands on is a MASSIVE shortcut to seeing nice juicy commissions sooner - letting you skip all the ‘hard boring preparation’ and research work.

You see, inside my Niche 60 course, which you’ve just invested in (big thank you for that) I teach you how to build niche affiliate sites, like I build them.

You’re going to be learning the same method I used to create my niche ‘experiment’ site which has now earned me $20,585 in the last 9 months!

The Big Little Secret To My Success...

Want to know what the (probably MOST important) key to striking gold with that site (and all my other sites) was? It was choosing the right keywords to target.

It was because I took the time to sit down and research out some low-competition keywords, that were also monetizable before I did anything else.

If you’ve ever tried keyword research on your own, you’ll know how important it is. It’s also time consuming and tricky, which is why a lot of beginners hate to do it and sometimes give up.

I don’t want you to give up and I don’t want you to waste time. I want you to get making money as fast as possible! So keep reading to find out how I’m going to make your life a lot easier....

Ever Tried To Pin-Point Highly-Profitable Keywords Before?

It can be like digging for gold. It’s almost literally like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

This step is where a lot of beginners to get confused and frustrated. You need to have the right tools and you need to know what to look for.

In the Niche60 course, I show you how to research keywords - basically, you need to find ones with a relatively high search volume (number of searches),which also aren’t packed with other affiliates trying to compete (low competition).

You could spend hours trying to do it all yourself, and you may find it is super easy and you just ‘get it’ first time around.

On the other hand, if this work is not your cup of tea, you’ll probably hate it, you may waste hours, even days trying to find these magical keywords and not even find them.

Worse, you may find a keyword you think is good but in actual fact it’s way too competitive or just not lucrative, so you spend weeks or months and never see a dime.

It’s not supposed to work like that. You’re supposed to see sales and commissions quickly - within 60 days (sometimes 30 or less). I don’t want you to waste days or weeks, (I’m sure you don’t either) and I don’t want you to get confused or give up...

I want to see you succeed with your niche sites as fast as possible, and there is a way I can remove this step, so you don’t even have to think about it....

I would recommend Michael Brown's Keyword Underground to anyone who wants to build on the knowledge they have gained in Internet Marketing by refining their workflow methodology and targeting in on getting sales conversions in the shortest possible time.

Keyword Underground is the perfect complement to the Niche Blitzkrieg or Niche60 training courses. It takes the broad strokes you have gained and adds the detailed work to get your sites built efficiently, ranked in the search engines and converting quickly.

I was amazed at how quickly it was possible to get a site up and running with Keyword Underground. This course helped fill the gaps in my knowledge that I didn't even know was missing!

If you want to build a number of affiliate marketing sites in an effective way then I wholeheartedly recommend Michael Brown's Keyword Underground!

How About I Do It All For You?

How would you like ME to find the most profitable, low-competition keywords out there and send them to you every week?

You can simply skip the entire process and get straight on to creating your sites following the Niche60 blueprint.

You can (and I recommend you do) still learn how to do this step, but you don’t actually have to do the work and get your hands dirty.

You can just see the keywords and... BOOM!

You know you’re onto a winning set of keywords sifted out by a master niche affiliate marketer (yours truly) with 8 years experience under his belt.

Most of the time, with any type of job is best left up to an expert. If your roof starts to leak, do you call a qualified roof guy or do you climb up on the roof and try to fix it yourself?

I’m your "keyword guy".

Rely on me to get you the keywords you can bank on to be profitable. These are keywords I myself would target.

Now I’m not saying you won’t be able to do niche keyword research by yourself, you most certainly will be able to because I have a whole training module on just this topic!

What I’m offering is to do this step for you, saving you time and energy, and probably a lot of frustration too.

Skip the learning curve and go straight to building your sites around profitable keywords. Easy peasy!

"Awesome Michael! How Can I Get In?"

Glad you asked! I call this done-for-you service "Keyword Underground" because you’ll be part of a small, private little group who I deliver my pre-researched keyword lists too.

Every week, you can expect at least 50 different keywords that I’ve personally checked to make sure.

1) They’re "money keywords" (there is a big difference between “buyer keywords” and non-buyer keywords.. e.g. “dieting tips” vs. “buy garcinia cambogia” (garcinia cambogia is a product name). Which one do you think would be a buyer keyword?)

2) There is LOW competition for the search terms. I take each keyword and punch it into google and check to make sure it¡¦s possible and easy to rank it on the first page of google with minimal effort.

The last thing you want is to try to go up against giants in your niche. Sites that have huge authority and high PR will make it almost impossible to crack in 60 days. You need to go after the ¡§low hanging fruit¡¨ which is what you¡¦ll be getting.

3) There is a high monthly search volume. The keywords you get are actually getting significant search volume. You might find a golden keyword but if it only gets 5 searches a month, you¡¦re going to have almost zero traffic! I run the keywords through my favorite analysis tool only give you ones where there is traffic! Because traffic is the life force that gets us sales!

Won't Other Members Have The Same Keywords?

Good question and yes, you¡¦ll be getting the same list of keywords as other members inside our Keyword Underground membership site.

However, there will always be more keywords that the number of students, (I promise to deliver at least 200 keywords every month) and if I get more students, I'll deliver more keywords.

It just isn't humanly possible for one person to target 200 keywords in a month.

That is why I am offering to share these keyword lists with you. There is no way I can target all these keywords and niches myself.

The reality is, you only need a couple of golden keywords/phrases for a site which can earn $1000s every month from... and that's just one site!

How Fast Do You Want To Start Making Money?

I'm guessing you want to see results as soon as possible... after all you've invested in this course, so it shows me you're keen and serious to make this online business work.

I don't want to state the obvious, but taking shortcuts is the only way you're going to be making the sales faster.

Usually, there is no shortcut to success... it takes work, but who says YOU have to do the work.

That is why you can think of this as a shortcut! A huge shortcut!

Look, proper niche keyword research is a skill. It can be learned but like most skills, it just takes time to get good at it.

Let me do it for you, so you can do other important tasks to build your business.

To be honest, the keyword research stage is the hardest, most time consuming and tedious part of the niche affiliate marketing blueprint I teach in Niche60. This is your chance to completely skip over it!

Let me start by saying I am a huge Michael Brown fan.

I started off with his internet marketing course Niche Blitzkrieg in January 2013. I have learned so much from that course and from Mr. Brown personally. He is always willing to answer my questions and help me whenever I needed it.

Recently however, he offered a few of his students the amazing opportunity of free mentoring and coaching for 14 weeks. I was thrilled to be one of the select few chosen. (Webmaster Note: This training based on Keyword Underground)

This experience was amazing and I learned so much. I cannot say enough good things about Michael Brown.

He truly cares about his student's success.

So thank you Michael Brown for all that you do. It is because of your great training, and unending support that I know I will be successful in internet marketing long term.

So if you or anyone you know is truly serious about making an income online, then I would look no further than any of the training programs that Michael Brown provides.

If You're Not Fully Convinced You Need This Yet....
These Bonuses Will Seal The Deal!

Get access to these bonuses when you act now!

Bonus #1

  • Access to My 13-week Private "Passive Income Niche Empire Secrets" Workshop Recordings (Michael could have sold this for $499)

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

  • My Original "Sleeky Clean" Optimized Niche Mini-site Wordpress theme + Tutorial videos: ($69 Value). The perfect theme to use on al your niche sites the way I teach in Niche60. Currently selling on for $69.00 (Included FREE in your Keyword Academy Membership!)

Bonus #4

  • Priority A1 Support From Me - You'll never be left in the dark trying to work it out for yourself. As a member of "Keyword Underground" you'll have priority status on all your questions which you can ask directly to me on my support desk and/or via the private Facebook group.


Are You Ready To Make Money With The Help Of An Expert... Who Will Do The Hardest Part For You?

Are you ready to finally get into gear, let me look after the keywords you need to know to make profitable sites, so you can earn the money you've been wanting up until now?

This is a massive shortcut that you can take when you act today. You need to act today because this is a special offer page which you'll only see once. You will get a chance to grab a membership later but it will be at a much higher price. Act now and you can get started for less with this opportunity!

The way I see it, you really only have two options...

1) You can go at it by yourself, go through the Niche60 course and study up on keyword research, buy the analysis tools, spend hours getting used to it and sift through thousands of keywords you still won't be sure are going to be profitable.

2) You can let me do the dirty work and pluck out the highly-monetizable, low-competition keywords (that an expert like me can easily detect) and deliver them to you so you can go straight to creating your niche sites with confidence you're going to dominate Google and be in profit fast!

I know which one I'd go for if I were you.

This is how you can skip all the guess work and let me be your guide. Think of all the time, money and frustration you'll save. Instead of doing it yourself, you can focus your energy and time on building your niche empire.

This is an incredible offer you shouldn't need to think too much about. It's a real "no-brainer".

Let's Recap What You're Getting Here With Your
Keyword Underground Membership

  • At Least 50 "Low-Hanging Fruit", Easy To Dominate Keywords Delivered To You Every Week - All checked by me, at least 200 every month so you don't have to worry about competition ($299/month Value)
  • Instant Access to my 13-week private "Niche Empire" Workshop Recordings ($499 Value)
  • Instant Access to My Email Marketing Course for Bloggers: ($59 Value) As is selling for on Udemy
  • My "Sleeky Clean" Optimized Niche Mini-site Wordpress theme + Tutorial videos: ($69 Value) As is selling for on
  • Priority A1 Support From Me: You Can Ask My Questions Directly Through Our Private Facebook Group. (Priceless value)
  • 30 Days "No Fuss" Guarantee - Buy now and try it for 30 days. If you don't think it's worth any penny and can't see how it can pay for itself over and over within the 30 days, just ask for a refund and I'll issue it on the spot.

Join The Revolution! Save Time... Start Earning
Real Legitimate Commissions Online Faster....

Are you ready to finally create a passive affiliate income online? Are you ready to conquer your information overload and get on the track to earning commissions in the next 30 to 60 days?

Nothing can stop you but yourself. I'm giving you a step up... a chance to hold me captive and force me to work for you.

All you have to do is decide that you want this now, and that you'll continue with the program... and I guarantee you'll succeed.

There is no question about it. I'm going to be doing everything in my power to provide the materials (keywords, bonuses, support, extra training etc) to make sure you've got everything you need to succeed. That's how I work...

I am in this to help you succeed. You can read the testimonials which are all verifiable. I'm someone you can rely on to help you get where you want to go.... and with this offer, you're having me do the work for you!

You're getting my expertise and experience to propel you forward at a massively discounted rate. I normally charge $200 per hour for personal coaching and $300 per hour for actual work like keyword research and site critiquing.... so you could expect this offer to be quite costly.

I think this membership is easily worth $299 per month, as I know it can make the right person 10 or 50 times that money back. But as I know that is a little out of reach for most people getting started, I have decided on a much more affordable membership fee.

You can become a member of "Keyword Underground" now, when you act today for just a low one-time payment of only $99.00!

You can cancel at any time. No hard feelings! But I must warn you though, because if you cancel and want to rejoin later, you will have to pay the normal price the next time you decide to join.

Act Now To Claim Your Spot & Save!

"Yes Michael! Give Me This Shortcut And Sign Me Up
To Keyword Underground Now!"

I want you to send me the hottest (at least 200) money-making keywords every month, so I can cut straight to creating niche sites I KNOW are going to be profitable.

Also send me your awesome package of bonuses (Worth a real-world value of $639) right away after I order. I understand that my purchase today is backed by your 30 day money-back guarantee so I'm risking nothing when I click and subscribe today.

I accept I will be charged the discount one-time price of $99.00

Click The Order Button Below To Join Now!

Special One-Time Offer Price

100% Money-Back Guarantee. Cancel Any Time

Act today! I simply cannot afford to offer this membership to the public at this price. This is only for new customers of my Niche60 program as a way to say ¡¥thank you' and so I can help you save time and reach your income goals faster! You'll thank me for it, just like the current happy members do now!

No Thank-You Michael, I'm Going To Pass On This Offer

To your success,

Michael S. Brown

P.S. You'll only see this offer this one time, so take advantage and act now! Skip all the time-consuming keyword research work and have ME deliver the hottest, monetizable keywords (and support) already done for you every month! If there was ever a surefire way to succeed faster with affiliate marketing, it's this!



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